horizontal sliding ware-house style parking system

● Advanced and original LAT intelligent carrier
● No plate exchanging technology, life-long free maintenance of the parking berth
● Optimize the space utilization, can satisfy high-capacity parking requirement
● Supervisory control system and fault diagnosis technology, multiple safeguard advices
● Intelligent management, user friendly, automatic parking。
● Unique design of vibration damping and noise reduction, low noise, and environment friendly
The Structure of the System
● import and export equipments, elevator, transversing shuttle vehicle, LAT intelligent carrier, relay control system, man-machine interface system, fault diagnosis system, central control room
● Import and export car rotary table, supervisor control system, monitor system of the parking garage, parking roll management system based on contact card security and reliability

Safeguard Device
● The comprehensive laser detection system, which orients the car vertically and horizontally, can guarantee the safety of the car
● Multiple inter-locked safeguard device of machine, electricity, light and sensor can guarantee the safety and reliability of the equipment
● The deck-locked device of the hoist can position accurately and exchange with the machine safely setting forms

Setting Type
● It can be built independently, it can be built in the inner part of the building, or it can be built on the ground, underground and semi-basement

Proper location
● Super parking lot, residential community, government units, commercial districts, hospital