● Low land usage, optimize the space utilization, can satisfy high-capacity parking requirement
● Provide automatic control, and easy operation system
● Accessing speed is fast, can park or get the car in only 63 seconds, the longest time is no more than 2 minutes
● Low noise, low electricity consumption
● Closed structure, anti-SUV and anti-rain, can well protect the car from being crashed or stolen
● The technology of automatic lever arm by ShinMaywa is applied to the car carrier, thus surmounting the traditional design
● The patent technology of solid-bending automatic weld molding by ShinMaywa is applied to the car carrying board

Safeguard Device
● The safety and dependable steel structure is in accordance with the Japanese standard of earthquake resistance(magnitude 7 earthquake)
● The carrier is storey-locked structure in order to guarantee the car carrying board and the car will not slide or knock down either in motion or in the static state
● The parking system has many monitors, the machine and the electricity are inter-locked, and the emergence stop device and the intelligent alarming advice can ensure the safety of the people, the car and the entire system
● The warm reminder, such as, voice, photo, and humanitarian design are the best picture of the life intelligence

Setting Combination
● It can be built independently, it can be built in the inner part of the building, or it can be built in the form of the tower

Proper Location
● Government units, commercial district, hospital, narrow districts of the old city